Musician32's Links Page

Here is my list of links...not very many right now, but will be adding more later. If you have a site and would like to be included, drop me a line! I'll be glad to add you !!

Musician32's Links Page!

King Richard's 80's Musical Kingdom
This is my husband's site...not exactly Christian in nature, but if you love the 80's give it a whirl!
MyInspiration Welcomes You, My Friend !
A GREAT Christian website...beautiful graphics...she writes her own poetry..a good friend of mine!!
Best Of The Christian Web
Christian start page with links to some of the best Christian sites on the web!
Kingdom Connection Online
Free Chapel Worship Center in Gainesville Georgia's homepage
Virtual Newsboys Online
The Newsboys official site with great graphics and downloads, the concert schedule and other great stuff on my favorite band
TBN Online
Official site for info on TBN broadcasting schedule and other TBN-related stuff.
CCM Midi Megasite
A great source of Christian midis.
Christian Music Place
Great site - you can find out info on your favorite bands, find out how to get started in the business, and other cool stuff!
Nothing here yet, but be patient...Atlantafest is one of the best Christian concert events of the summer here in the south !

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